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Today's Hours 11:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

City Park New Orleans

15 Henry Thomas Drive

New Orleans, LA 70124


Today's Hours 11:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

City Park New Orleans

15 Henry Thomas Drive

New Orleans, LA 70124


Museum Policies

We have a few rules to make sure the museum is safe, fun, accessible, and inclusive for everyone. But the main rule is to have so much fun that your cheeks hurt from smiling so much.


At LCM, parents/caregivers are responsible for supervising their children at all times. You are your child’s best advocate for staying safe. To assist parents/caregivers in keeping children safe while exploring the Museum, we have several security measures in place.

  • Security cameras record everyone entering and leaving through the front doors, as well as moving about the Museum in public places.
  • All Museum staff members are in radio communication with one another at all times. When children and parents/caregivers become separated, there are standard procedures that are immediately put into effect to reunite guests quickly and efficiently. All staff members are available to help reunite parties. Our front desk is the best place to start if a child or adult/caregiver has been separated from their party.

The museum prohibits persons who enter our property from carrying a handgun, firearm, knife, or weapon of any kind, regardless of whether the person is licensed to carry the weapon. The only exception to this policy will be local, on-duty police officers and other federal or state law enforcement officers.


Adults Without Children

The museum does not allow adults without children present, to visit the museum. This applies to members as well. If you’re interested in touring the museum, please email our staff at info@lcm.org.


Safe Space Policy

LCM fosters a culture of inclusion that promotes respect and celebrates diversity and authentic intercultural exploration and collaboration. We commit to making our facilities and programs accessible and safe for all members of our community, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, faith, sexual orientation, gender identity, and range of abilities.

The Museum reserves the right to refuse service to, or revoke access from any patron(s) threatening this safe, inclusive, and respectful environment. Behavior warranting such consequences includes, but is not limited to, verbal or physical harassment of or discrimination against another patron, volunteer, or staff member, attempted theft or vandalism, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or wearing inappropriate clothing (i.e. displaying weapons and profanity).

Louisiana Children’s Museum holds its mission and values above all else and will pursue all avenues necessary to ensure the provision of a respectful, healthy and safe place for our staff and volunteers, and for children and their caregivers.



We require a 1:5 (Adult: Children) ratio on our exhibit floor. Children must be supervised at all times. No security can take the place of adult supervision. Please have fun with, and supervise, your children.

Unaccompanied Children

Children under 18 are not permitted to enter or remain in the Museum without supervision from an adult (anyone 18 and older). The Museum asks that adults stay with children at all times.

Food & Beverage

Outside food and beverage are not allowed in the museum. However, Acorn Café makes wonderful food and has plenty of refreshments to keep your thirst super-quenched. So there’s no need to bring in outside food or drinks – including birthday parties (cakes and party favors are fine).

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Smoke-Free Environment

We’re big fans of clean air, so smoking (or vaping) is a no-go at our indoor and outdoor campuses.

Staying Healthy Together

Healthy living is how we play at Louisiana Children’s Museum. Ours is a space that was carefully designed to be thoughtful, enriching, and safe. We are always mindful of how we interact with you and your child, which is why we’ve thought up several ways for you to stay healthy and help us maintain the optimal environment for play and learning.

  1. Stay Home When You’re Sick: To minimize the spread of germs, please stay home if either you or your child are feeling under the weather.
  2. Wash Your Hands: Science has taught us that germs are spread primarily by hands that are dirty, so please make sure to wash your hands well – for 20 seconds each time. And do it frequently! A fun way to make sure you’re washing for long enough is to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice.
  3. Cough Into Your Elbow: Rather than using your hands as a shield when you cough, aim for your elbow. This keeps hands cleaner and less likely to spread germs.
  4. Learn About Germs: Little ones may not yet understand how important hand washing is to staying healthy. Help your child learn that even hands that look clean may still carry germs. Washing hands helps keep germs away and also helps people around us to stay healthy, too.
  5. Help LCM Stay Clean: We always do our best to keep surfaces and toys clean throughout our space. We wash, we scrub, we disinfect, we sanitize – and then we do it all again! It is typical for young children to explore the world by putting items in their mouths, so if your child happens to experiment in this way, please place those items in our ‘yucky toy bin’ so that we can guarantee cleanliness.

Our museum is a place devoted to learning for kids and grownups alike — that includes all of us here at LCM. This mindset means we are always on the lookout for new ways to strengthen our current procedures, but teaming up with you is the best way to ensure the healthiest environment for children. Thank you for working with us to keep our space a safe and healthy place to play.

Pets & Wildlife


Service dogs are welcome on the LCM campus.

Sharing Isn’t Always Caring

We have some amazing wildlife around the Museum. But feeding our animal neighbors human food means they have to start going to human dentists, and who even knows a turtle dentist? So please don’t feed the animals.

Photography and Videography

Photography Permission Policy

LCM regularly takes photographs and video of Museum visitors and activities for use in promotional and editorial material. By purchasing tickets and with admission into the Museum, you give permission to the Museum for the recording of photographs and/or video of yourself and your dependents. You grant the Museum all rights to use these still or moving images for educational, promotional, advertising, and other purposes which advance the overall mission of the Museum. All rights to the photographs and video belong to the Museum. Children are never identified by name unless permitted by caregivers. 


Videography Policy

Video cameras, and video equipment such as tripods are not permitted. If you would like to film a vlog or any type of video for public consumption, please contact the LCM Communications Team at commmunications@lcm.org for more information.

Storage Space

Locker Space

We do not have a coat check, however free lockers are available for easy access to belongings. Lockers are located on level one of the Museum.

Stroller Parking

Stroller Parking is available throughout the Museum.

Our Mission

When you make a child’s potential visible, wonderful things happen.

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