Louisiana Children's Museum

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    • General Information

      Phone: 504-523-1357

      Email LCM

    • Museum Store

      Laura Van Norman

      Museum Store Manager
      Phone: 504-266-2408
      Email the Museum Store

    • Julia Bland

      Chief Executive Officer
      Phone: 504-266-2400
      Email Julia

    • Pody Gay

      Chief Education Officer
      Phone: 504-266-2402
      Email Pody

    • Simonne Robinson

      Chief Administrative Officer
      Phone: 504-266-2416
      Email Simonne

    • Lisa Sibal

      Development Director
      Phone: 504-266-2415
      Email Lisa

    • Rebecca Duckert

      Special Events Coordinator – Fundraising Events
      Phone: 504-266-2415
      Email Rebecca

    • Lauren Levenson

      Marketing Coordinator – Groups & Museum Rentals
      Phone: 504-266-2417
      Email Lauren

      • Lesley-Anne Rey

        Marketing Coordinator – Birthdays, Memberships & Donation Requests
        Phone: 504-266-2418
        Email Lesley

      • Grace Connors

        Program Coordinator
        Phone: 504-266-2412
        Email Grace

      • Business Manager

        Business Manager
        Phone: 504-266-2413
        Email Business Manager

      • Michal Erder

        Visitor Experiences Manager
        Phone: 504-266-2404
        Email Michal

      • Eileen Engel

        Community Engagement Manager
        Phone: 504-266-2403
        Email Eileen

      • Doris Belleau

        Art Educator
        Phone: 504-266-2409
        Email Dorris

      • Liz Beeson

        Early Learning Village Campaign Manager
        Phone: 504-266-2405
        Email Liz


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