Louisiana Children's Museum

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    • General Information

    • Julia Bland

      Chief Executive Officer
      Phone: 504-266-2400
    • Allison Stouse

      Early Learning Village Campaign Director

      Phone: 504-266-2406

    • Allyson Graham

      Marketing Coordinator – Groups & Birthday Parties
      Phone: 504-266-2418
      Email Allyson
    • Amy Kirk Duvoisin

      Education Director
      Phone: 504-266-2402
      Email Amy
    • Ann Kerrin

      Operations Director
      Phone: 504-266-2416
      Email Ann
    • Ashley Lucas

      Early Learning Manager
      Phone: 504-266-2412
      Email Ashley
    • Cassie Janowski

      Museum Experience Manager
      Phone: 504-266-2404
      Email Cassie
    •  Gia Rabito

      Development Director
      Phone: 504-266-2414
      Email Gia
    • Halle Kaplan-Allen

      Membership & After Hours Facility Rentals
      Phone: 504-266-2417
      Email Halle 
    • Jennifer Simon

      Marketing & Sales Manager
      Email Jennifer
    • Kathleen Ledet

      Special Events Coordinator
      Phone: 504-266-2415
      Email Kathleen
    • Laura Burke

      Museum Store Manager
      Phone: 504-266-2408

    • Leslie Doles

      Marketing Director
      Phone: 504-266-2411
      Email Leslie
    • Mary Beth Romig

      Early Learning Village Campaign Manager
      Phone: 504-266-2405
      Email Mary Beth
    • Michele Frentzos

      Business Manager
      Phone: 504-266-2413
      Email Michele
    • Molly Fleder

      Community Engagement Manager
      Phone: 504-266-2410
      Email Molly
    • Theresa Sharaf

      Transition Director
      Phone: 504-266-2403
      Email Theresa
    • Vanessa Fung

      Art Trek Educator
      Phone: 504-266-2409
      Email Vanessa

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