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The Louisiana Children’s Museum at City Park


Transforming Early Childhood Development…

The Louisiana Children’s Museum is leading a partnership of local and national experts, advocates and funders to develop a transformational model of innovation and collaborations that will deliver rich, playful learning experiences for young children, integrated family and teacher resources, and international best practices, research and development. Situated on 8.5 acres in extraordinary New Orleans’ City Park, the 55,000 square foot facility will house the children’s museum with a nature center, literacy center, parent and teacher resource center, edible garden, kitchen, and café. Outdoor multipurpose spaces and acres of discovery walks and ecosystems will ensure joyous connections to land and water.

For Young Children and Their Families…

Neuroscience shows that 85% of brain development occurs before the age of 3. During those years, the capacity for lifelong learning and the framework for critical thinking and problem solving is created. For 20 years, Louisiana has held the national ranking of 49th for child well-being. New Orleans is leading the education reform, but early childhood education has not been holistically addressed. The Louisiana Children’s Museum, now 29 years old, envisions a premiere early childhood education resource for the Gulf region and transformation in the national dialogue, practices and planning that impact very young children and their families.

And for the Environment

The Louisiana Children’s Museum is committed to modeling sustainability and environmental stewardship practices because research shows that connecting children to nature is one of the most powerful tools for establishing healthy human development. Numerous opportunities for meaningful interaction with the outdoors will be created on a floating classroom, under oak trees, and at an interactive Wetlands Experience on the water. The buildings are designed to be LEED certified and are intended to be buildings that make sustainable practices visible to all – buildings that teach.

Louisiana Children’s Museum’s Collaborative Partners Include:

  • New Orleans City Park
  • Tulane Institute for Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health
  • Tulane Medical School
  • Tulane Hospital for Children
  • Louisiana State University AgCenter
  • Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities




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